Have type of sludge dewatering devices in Vietnam be really good ?

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NHAT TINH ENVIRONMENT TECHNOLOGIES SOLUTION CORP. (WSC) is one of the leading company specializing in the field of trade, services, and technical solutions in water treatment industry and environment. We are currently representing the main distributors of the products of leading manufacturers in the world in the fields of water system control, environmental and chemical pumps, food, alcohol and beverage, industrial oil and gas, chemicals, laboratory etc …

With over 6 years of work in this field together with the professional staff we are confident of the Company is a pioneer in waste water treatment industry and is the exclusive distributor of two leading brands world of water treatment technologies in Europe is TEFSA and PIERALISI.

_TEFSA Group: is one of the bigest manufacturers of filtration devices with two major products are the TEFSA filter presses and TEFSA belt filter presses. The type of sludge dewatering devices of the TEFSA Group always bring high efficiency in handling sludge is now our exclusive distributor in Vietnam Market for many years. Products provide high separation efficiency, less installation space and higher equipment longevity are the salient features of the product compared to other sludge dewatering products on the market.

TEFSA belt filter presses :

Device line is continuous operation without the machine heads. Investment costs and low-maintenance operation . Power consumption is saved by using high-performance motor and low power consumption. The belt has many dimensions suitable for many different processing capacity. TEFSA belt filter presses has a compact design and use of high quality materials, which saves installation area while maintaining processing power design.

TEFSA filter presses :

Device line has optimal design in order to increase load capacity, remove the pulp structure flexible, easy to manipulate installation and repair as well as cleaning. Small installation area occupies an area of limited space and factories. This is type of filter presses are used quite popular in  countries in the world because it is easy to manipulate and use

_PIERALISI Group is a biggest group specializing in the manufacture and supply of solutions phase separation: Solid-liquid; Solid-liquid-liquid. The type of  PIERALISI devices is drawn from the knowledge and long experience of the industry experts. We have 40,000 products serving manufacturing Pieralisi in many applications worldwide. Featured in all the product lines that are PIERALISI decanter centrifuges. This is one of those products that bring efficiency in the processing of sludge is now our exclusive distributor in Vietnam Market for many years. PIERALISI sludge dewatering products provide high separation efficiency, fully automated and continuous, less installation space and higher equipment longevity are the salient features of the products compared with products presses centrifugal slurry else available on the market

PIERALISI decanter centrifuges :

The solids/liquids separation takes place in the rotational drum (horizontal for decanters, vertical for separators). Under the action of the G-force, the solids phase (with the greatest specific gravity) is being deposited in the internal surface of the drum before being discharged (in a continuous mode for decanters, discontinuously for separators) while the clarified liquids exit the drum from the liquid outlets on a continuous mode.

Thanks to the high centrifugal acceleration induced by the high-velocity drum rotation, the usual natural phenomena such as sedimentation, drainage of liquids from solid particles and stratification of liquids according to density differences are taking place in a much better and faster way in a centrifugal field respect to a gravity field.

The centrifuges product range of the PIERALISI Group has been designed to reach the highest level of performance and to be operated in accordance with the latest requirements in terms of safety and reliability. Each centrifuge model is available in several different versions and configurations in order to address the necessity of any process or application and to fully comply with the specific requirements of each customer.

If your company have any demand about sludge dewatering as well as questions about counseling problems installing water treatment systems, we have a staff of professional consultants, enthusiasm will help you work company launched the strategy to tackle radical related issues and environmental waste. The type of filter presses by the company we deliver meets the strict testing standards of all countries in the world. We sincerely thank you for your support and company Accompanying us in keeping our planet green, clean and beautiful.

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